Ye Olde Beverlie, Canterbury

Join us on Sundays for a delicious roast dinner, available 12:00 - 16:30 ask in-house for more information
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Dining at Ye Olde Beverlie

Here at Ye Olde Beverlie, we are passionate about good food - and use the finest, freshest ingredients to bring delicious dishes to life.

The offer here is truly international, with some of the best Mexican food in Canterbury on our menus, but we’re proud to use locally sourced ingredients from Kent wherever possible.

Our sizzling fajitas are a must, and are joined on the menu by a collection of oozing burritos, nachos and chilli beef dishes that also take inspiration from Mexican cantinas. 

There’s a whole host of delicious British dishes too though, with classics like Bangers and Mash, Devilled Crab and Herne Hill Ham and Eggs, plus choice cuts of steak from the grill.

It’s all rounded off with a stunning collection of puddings, decadent and delicious in equal measure.

Ye Olde Beverlie, Canterbury - Fajitas