Ye Olde Beverlie, Canterbury

Passion breeds greatness

A beautiful old pub with deep roots in the history of Canterbury; integrating a stunning traditional interior with a modern flair. A great atmosphere for you to enjoy your time with your favorite people, eating your favourite food and why not share a great local beer...

Here at Ye Olde Beverlie we are passionate about good food, This is why we use the freshest ingredients and give care and attention to every detail of not just our food, but you as well. We use locally sourced ingredients from Kent and we are proud of the experience that you will come to love at Ye Olde Beverlie.

We want to provide you with a night to remember. Extravagant food, huge portions all served with a flourish of exciting Mexican colours and flavours. Gooey and scruptious fillings make our burritos a must;
We have no doubt that you'll go home with a smile!

Ye Olde Beverlie, Canterbury
Ye Olde Beverlie, Canterbury

Experience is everything

England has a lot of pubs, they are a rich and important part of our history here but we believe they can be something more..

At Ye Olde Beverlie we are creating a social experience that can't be found anywhere else nearby. We have passion, phenomenal food, a talented and dedicated team, a stunning environment and friendly service; all you need to do is relax, enjoy the food and the great assortment of traditional, local and exciting drinks on offer.

If you are looking for an eatery or pub with a great atmosphere, we are here and our doors are open. We hope to see you soon!

Ryan Barnett - General Manager /  Ashley Adams - Head Chef